Stubbs Parkin & South Whitchurch Bowling League 2022

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Thu May 26th 18 results from 18 Matches
Tue May 31st 23 Matches
Thu Jun 2nd 17 Matches


Important Dates:


Sun May 29th 10:00

Judith Purcell Mixed Doubles  at Bridgewater.  Entries to Phil.  £12/pair

Sat Jun 18th 18:00

New date !!!!!  Under 18 Merit and Under 25 Merit at Nantwich Park Road-   this has been moved due to the Champions League final.

Under 25 Merit last 8 will qualify for the British Parks Under 25 Merit on July 24th to be held at Warstock BC Warwickshire.

Wed Jun 29th 19:00

Jubilee Doubles Last 32

Sat Jul 16th 10:00

St Alkmunds Trophy at Chester Road BC .  Doubles drawn for Partners.    

Wed Jul 20th 19:00

Jubilee Doubles Last 16 and Consolation Prelim

Mon Jul 25th 11:00

Veterans Merit   Venue TBC

Sat Aug 6th 18:00

League Doubles Qualifying  

Wed Aug 10th 19:00

Jubilee Doubles Last 8 and Consolation 1st Round

Wed Aug 24th 19:00

Jubilee Doubles Semi Finals

Sat Sep 3rd 18:00

Mixed Doubles Qualifying

Sun Sep 4th 11:00

Ladies Merit Qualfiying

Wed Sep 7th 19:00

Shropshire Star and Presidents Cup Last 16

Sat Sep 10th 18:30

Jubilee Doubles Finals Main and Consolation

Sat Sep 10th 11:00

Individual Merit Qualifying.

Wed Sep 14th 19:00

Shropshire Star and Presidents Cup Last 8

Wed Sep 21st 19:00

Shropshire Star and Presidents Cup Semi Finals

Sat Oct 8th 18:00

Shropshire Star and Presidents Cup Finals

Sat Oct 8th 10:00

League Merits Finals Day

Latest information:


Mon Apr 18th

Jubilee Doubles Prelim Round is now up under competition results

Wed Mar 30th

Malpas Sports have withdrawn their B from the third division so Chester Road C have now gone back up to Division 3.
The fixtures have been set again and are now final.
If any further team withdraws there will be a Bye in that division.
There is also a new link called Greens Used (on Other Pages if using a Tablet or Phone) to show which green a team will be playing on for clubs that have two greens.

Mon Mar 28th

The Fixtures have been changed due to Wem wishing to enter their B team  and Ash to enter their C team.
Wem were in Division 3 so Chester Road C have gone back to Division 4 making Division 4 14 teams. Calverhall B have been moved to Division 6 and Chester Road E into Division 5 as they finished above Calverhall B at the end of 2019. Ash C have been placed in Division 5 making that Division consisting of 13 teams.
Divisions 1 and 2 fixtures have not changed.
Can Clubs also check their Shropshire Star, Presidents and Jubilee Doubles entries as there were 2 links on their club page to enter the competition teams and one of them should not have been there and was going to the wrong page.


Sun Mar 27th

Please Note. Do not print off your team match fixtures yet as there are some teams that may be in a different division from the provisional fixtures.

Thu Mar 24th

Provisional Fixtures have now been published.
Divisions 1 to 3 consist of 14 teams and start on Tue Apr 12th.
Division 4 consists of 13 teams and start on Thur Apr 14th.
Divisions 5 and 6 consist of 12 teams and start on Thur Apr 28th.
For the Thursday fixtures teams may liase with their opponent if they wish not to play on the Jubilee Bank Holiday June 2nd to rearrange another date.
Can clubs please check that all your teams have been entered and there is not a team playing that you may have withdrawn.
if any errors please notify Mike Beckett before the Executive meeting next week when they become final.


Tue Mar 1st

All clubs can now enter their teams for this years Jubilee Doubles competition and withdraw from the Shropshire Star or Presidents Cup if so desire. Entries close on Sunday 10th April 2022.

Wed Jan 26th

Main points from last night's AGM were:
All teams will consist of 10 players except for Division one which will remain at 12.
Division one scoring system will return to total chalks scored in a match as per other divisions.
The indidvidual match fee will increase to 50p per player.
All Jubillee doubles teams will consist of 5 pairs.

Sat Jan 22nd

The site has now changed to 2022. Fixtures will not be shown until mid March once we know what teams are available and the make up of the divisions for this year.

Can Clubs please inform the secretary by the beginning of March whether they will be reinstating any of their teams that were temporally withdrawn for 2021.

We shall be reverting back to the format of the divisions at the start of 2020 when there were 87 teams. 14 teams in Divisions 1 and 2. 12 teams in Divisions 3 to 7 except for Division 5 that had 11.

In 2021 we only had 79 teams and unless we get some teams back that were temporally withdrawn the divisions will have to re-arranged and will mean some teams will be in a different division than at the start of 2020.

It could mean that there will be only 6 divisions consisting of 4 divisions of 14 teams and 2 of 12 teams. Alternatively we could remain at 7 divisions with 5 divisions of 12 teams and 2 of only 10. This would mean s shorter season of 4 weeks for the divisions of 12 teams and a much shorter seson for the divisions of only 10 temas.

It would also have an impact on the amount of money raised from games as there would be far fewer matches.