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Sat 13th Jul 17 Matches
Sat Jul 20th 2 Cup Games



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Sat 29th Jun

Warwickshire County Parks Men’s Merit 2024 Final Day 30th June 2024.

The first round of the Warwickshire County Parks (WCP) Men’s Merit was held on 23rd June at Hollyfields with an original entry of 29 players this meant with 4 Byes however there were 5 no-shows.

The Committee had a challenge with the last 16 of Men’s Merit. The situation is, the first round of 32 has been played and there has been some round the green comments about roll-up, and using two days for the event which was on the original form. Also, we are aware there is one possibly two not able to attend on 30th June. So, we offer the following clarification.

ALL players still in the event were contacted and given the research the following has been agreed by the officers of the Association.

    • ALL last 16 Players will be able to have up to 15 minutes of roll-up from 13:30.
    • Scratch time will be 13:45
    • Green Clear 13:55
    • First Four Start 14:00



Phil Ellett [First Round Bye] TBC



Martin Maguire [First Round Bye]


John Welham [First Round Bye]



Jak Locker [First Round Walk Over]


Keith Wallis



Paul Franks


John Harrison [First Round Walk Over]



Glenn Murphy – Withdrawn 26/06/24


David Kearney [First Round Walk Over]



Dan Smith


Taylor Miller



John Higgins


Paul Miller [First Round Walk Over]



Steve Barrs


Steve Davies [First Round Walk Over]



Michael J Lynch


Should any players opponent not attend on 30th June they shall be put through to the next round of the competition.

The future running of the event will be discussed at the next WCP Management Committee meeting taking on board comments and any concerns raised, including limiting the finals day to 16. Generating a qualifying procedure, avoiding where possible clashes with other events to mention a few.

Your Chair has volunteered to take Ciaran Andrews the WCP Junior Merit Winner to South Yorkshire to play in the British Parks (BP) Event on the same day, should he be successful in this event this will lead to the unfortunate withdrawal from the last 16.

A re-draw will not be done on the day. Game 4 will proceed to the next round. Game 1 will be decided at 13:45.

WCP Management has discussed and will offer to pay for the Entry of the Last 4 of the competition, in the BP Senior Individual Merit at Hollinsend Park S12 2SR South Yorkshire on Sunday 25th Aug 10:00. However, in previous years BP have offered us additional places for players who have entered the competition at county level to attend, this would be at the players own cost of £20 per person.

Please do understand that the clashes with other events often cannot be avoided and that WCP are governed by dates determined by BP also with a number of other leagues using “spare” days in the calendar it is tricky to cover all eventualities. Circumstances evolve and the Management Committee has spent significant time debating the best possible outcome in the current situation.

Dress Code for Merit as WCP League Dress Code.

For this event we have chosen to not adopt BCGBA or BP Dress code – we shall only require players conform to the General WCP Dress code as follows: Players must wear smart clean conventional full length or ¾ length trousers, slacks, jeans or knee length tailored shorts (no shorter) and of a single colour together with a sleeved shirt or jumper at all times. Not permitted at any time are shell suits, tracksuits, vests, strap tops and sport or football shorts. Offending players can be reported to and will be dealt with by the Management Committee, as well as removal from the competition.


Sun 9th Jun


Sunday Brings the next set of Merit Finals with our Juniors playing today at 2pm - Hmastead Social Club - The games are planned to be a Round Robin Qualifier with the best of the rest filling the 4th spot.

9 of our Juniors all are entered to compete and will be offered a place in the British Parks Junior Merits on Sunday 30th June 10:00

Pressy the Printer Junior Merit and Supplementary at Hillsborough Park S6 4HD  South Yorkshire.


A few games interupted by some typical British Weather, However, players and spectators stayed to watch some great bowling on the fine playing surface provided by the Hamstead with thanks to the Hosts.

Group Winners were:

Mason Jones

Ciaran Andrews

Jessie-Ann Maskell

Best Runner-up Marty Wright

The final was contested between Mason & Ciaran with Ciaran once again retaining his Warwickshire Parks Junior Merit title.


Tue 28th May

The Winner of our 2024 Womens Merit is Sally Jerrard-Dinn and our Finalist Michelle Jones who will both be sponsored by WCP to the Britsh Parks Merit being held at the Brookshill on 28th July. It is likely that all our entrants will be offered a place as some counties will not take their entitlement this year. Warwckshiure County Parks have been the leaders in Womens participation in British Parks and with those represneting us weill be great ambasadors for the game.

Check our web-page for results.





Fri 24th May

Good luck to all sides playing in the morning and afternoon cups this week and next.

Could I remind all clubs the the 1st drawn (home) of rule C7/L3 All home teams must provide a tape measuring 19m, measures, 4 Jacks and 4 footers conforming to BCGBA Laws of the Game. Dress code for all matches must comply with General Rule G1B.

The Captians will toss a coin for jacks prior to doing the draw. 

Also in the event of a tie the captains will select THREE bowlers from their original 8 to play again in three games of 7 shots up on a date TBC by the committiee.

a full list of the rules are available on the website


Could you please forward to my email


A copy of the result card and or scoreboard

Regards John Moore 


Fri 24th May

Junior Merit entry now extended to 1st June '24

Start time 2pm at Hampstead Social.

British Parks Junior Merit Final Sunday 30th June '24

Wed 15th May

Ladies Merit now extended to 26th May. New form online. Previous forms still valid.

Fri 12th Apr

The beginning of a new season tomorrow with the Division 2 teams starting their campaign. Morning Divisions, Please remember the NEW START TIME of 11:00. 

All home teams must provide a tape measuring 19m, measures, 4 Jacks and 4 footers conforming to BCGBA Laws of the Game. Visiting teams shall be allowed 15 minutes exclusive practice from 25 minutes before start of the match For Afternoon Division games this will be 2:35pm to 2:50pm for Morning Division games this will be 10:35am to 10:50am with the match equipment. Away captains shall be given the opportunity to inspect the Match jacks prior to the start of practice.

Home Teams, please enter the results ASAP. Away teams, remember to verify the results also ASAP, this must be completed within 4 days of the match fixture.

Good Luck and enjoy the season.


Tue 2nd Apr
All Club Secretaries. Warwickshire County Parks needs the details of any Player wishing to represent WCP in British Parks Events. We await a few responses from Clubs and we need to know ASAP.
This includes the Junior 10-side on Sunday 21st April in Yorkshire, we may have a Joint team with WWCBA.
Also for the over 60's Veterans Team on Sunday 28th April in Yorkshire.
Our first Senior County event will be Sunday 19th May.
Thu 14th Mar

Hello Everyone

Each year British Parks Crown Green Bowling Association host a series of events throughout the season, and one of these is the Veterans Team Knockout. This competition is open to any bowler who has played in a Warwickshire County Parks Club and is aged 60+ on the day of the event.

This year the event will take place on Sunday 28th April in the Yorkshire area (green venue yet to be decided).

If any of your players would like to be considered for selection, please can your Club Secretary notify me no later than Wednesday 27th March

Please note that county match travelling expenses are no longer offered, as stated at the recent AGM, so please make your members aware of this.

Many thanks

Best wishes
Secretary WCPBA



Fri 1st Mar

At the AGM held on 28th February 2024 a new Fixture Secretary was appointed - John Moore - His Email Address for Warwickshire County Parks Fixtures is fixture.wcpba@gmail.com John will be supported by Ben Wright as his Deputy.

Club Fees Frozen for 2024. With savings on cancelling expenses for county players on away travel as most people believe its such an honour to play and have never claimed the nominal amounts allowed. Also, the increase in teams will improve finances. The Current fees are: £15 for British Parks Affiliation per club. £3 per team for British Parks Handbook. £40 per team in the WCP Divisions.

Club with 1 team pays a total of £58.

Club with 2 teams pays a total of £101

Club with 3 teams pays a total of £144.

Merit fees for adults £5 per person and juniors £3 per person payable in advance.

Thu 22nd Feb

A reminder that the Management Proposals were carried at the EGM

Key Point Morning Divisions Start time brought forward to 11:00.


Warwickshire Parks Contacts

Carol Wallace - Association Secretary - Carol.Wallace44@outlook.com

Mike Busby - Association Treasurer - Mike.busby47@outlook.com

Phil Ellett - Association Chair - Chair-WCPBA@outlook.com 07771 521 324

John Moore - Fixtures Secretary fixture.wcpba@gmail.com 07931 513811