Southport Saturday Winter League 2023/24


Gary Burgess 

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Sun 25th Feb 2024

Huge congratulations to Matty Greenwood on winning the Top16 Singles.


What a great day we had yesterday for the Top16 Singles. The weather was good, the green was great and the bowling was fantastic.

Results from the first round were -

Dave Gordon 13 v 21 Brian Fairclough, Ronnie Jones 16 v 21 Paul Crummey, Tim Hodge 21 v 16 Roy Webster, Steve Halliwell 9 v 21 Matty Greenwood, Stan Kitchen 15 v 21 Ellen Crawshaw, Coline Edge 16 v 21 Chris Lancaster, Gary Burgess 21 v 9 Keith Webster & Phyllis Greenwood 16 v 21 Mike Kellett.

The Last 8 saw Brian Fairclough overcome Paul Crummey 21-7, Matty Greenwood get past Tin Hodge 21-13, Chris Lancaster defeated Ellen Crawshaw 21-9 and Mike Kellett beat Gary Burgess 21-11.

This set up two great Semi-finals. Brian Fairclough taking on Matty Greenwood and an all Cobra Kai match up of Chris Lancaster and Mike Kellett.

Brian took the first two ends to lead 4-0 into the third, when Matty took over the game and went on a nine end run to lead 13-4 into the twelth end. It was then nip&tuck all the way to the end as Brian fought back to get into the game. Brian drew level in the twenty seventh end to lead out at 19-19, but he put up a bad lead which let Matty in. Brian couldn't recover with his second bowl and Matty eased another bowl into the end to win the game 21-19.

In the all Cobra Kai semi, Mike Kellett dominated from the start, winning seven of the first ten ends to lead 10-3 into the elventh. Chris fought hard and it was nip&tuck all the way to the end again. Unfortunately Chris was only scored singles and Mike logged six 2's to take a lead of 19-8 going into the twenty second end. Chris dug deep but was unable to stop Mike as he went on to win 21-10.

So the final was between Matty (Roy's Rebels) and Mike Kellett (Cobra Kai).

Mike played some really great bowls, but he could do nothing about the magnificent bowling from Matty. Matty was like a machine in the first half of the game, not giving Mike any chances, and he took a 15-3 lead into the fourtenth end. Mike dug deep to show true character as he tried to claw his way back into the match, taking the next four ends to get back to 8-15. Matty then switched up to another level and produced some world class bowls to run out as champion 21-9.

All credit to Mike, he put up an excellent fight but Matty was just outstanding and fully deserved his victory.

Matty has now qualified for the 2024 Southport Champion of Champions. 

This will be played at Fleetwood Hesketh on Saturday 20th April, 10am start.

I would just like to thank Andy, the greensman, for producing a fantastic green for us to play on through the winter.

Also, I would like to thank Fleetwood Hesketh for being so welcoming and for their support through the winter.

Finally I would like to thank all the players that have participated in the league, it is you guys that make the league as enjoyable as it is.

Wishing you all the best for the summer season and I'll see you all again in November for the next winter league.


Gary Burgess

Sun 18th Feb 2024


Congratulations to Roy Webster's Rebels, they pipped Cobra Kai by 1 point to retain their title as Champions of the Southport Saturday Winter League. It was a really close run thing, with both teams almost inseparable during the winter season.

Silver Bullets took third spot ahead of Golden Nuggets. 60GrandOldTeam managed to get the points they needed to leapfrog over Jaguars into fifth spot and Sprozy Dogs won the winner takes all match aginst CrossArms to finish seventh. Ainsdale finished ninth, with Tigers in tenth spot.

Congratulations also to David Gordon on winning the Divisional Merit and earning his spot in the Southport Champion of Champions. David, captain of Cobra Kai, led by example, winning all 14 of his games during the season.

We finish this coming Saturday at 1pm, with a Top 16 Singles Competition. The field for this competition is -

David Gordon, Stan kitchen, Matty Greenwood, Mike Kellett, Ronnie Jones, Colin Edge, Roy Webster, Billy Roddan, Gary Burgess, Tim Hodge, Chris Lancaster, Paul Crummey, Phyllis Greenwood, Steve Halliwell, Ellen Crawshaw and Brian Fairclough.



Tue 8th Nov 2022

Welcome to the



This venue is second to none, being one of the best greens in the town and always in excellent condition.

It's central location and the superb hospitality from within the club, made it an easy choice for our winter league.

We are a league consisting of 10 teams, playing on Saturday mornings(10.30am) and afternoons(1pm).

We currently have 89 bowlers registered, with places still available in some teams.

Our winter season starts on 18th November and runs through to 17th February,

with a fortnight off during the festive season.

Come along and enjoy some of the delights from the club and sample the banter and entertainment from our players enjoying a great game of bowls.


Prize Money for this League is -

£400 for Winners.

£200 for Runners-Up.

£100 for Third place.

£50 for Fourth place.


 We will be running a Top Sixteen Singles competition at the end of the season.

This will be made up of the top sixteen players from the league averages. 

The prize money for this competition is -

£90 for Winner.

£50 for Runner-Up.

£25 for Semi-finalists.

£15 for Quarter-finalists.