Wolverhampton and District Works Bowling League 2023

Chairman Secretary Treasurer Committee
Ray Lewis

Alan Richards

125 Cannock Road


WV10 8QR

Paul Collins
01902 633345 -07796 433233  07950 145699  - arichards16@hotmail.co.uk    


Welcome to the Wolverhampton and District Works Bowling League 2023







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Wed 27th Sep

Wolverhampton and District Works Bowling League

2023 Winners

Div 1

1st Place Hawkins Union Locks

2nd Place Bilston

3rd Place Coseley Tavern


Average Winner Nigel Freeman Coseley Athletic

Average 2nd place Geoff Hotchkiss Bilston


Div 2

1st Place Penn

2nd Place Pennfields A

3rd Place Pavilion Ces


Average Winner Vi Limbert Penn

Average 2nd place Dave Rivett Pennfields A


Chronicle Cup

Winners Hawkins Union Locks

Runners Up Springvale A


T P Wilkins Cup

Winners Bilston

Runners Up Springvale B

Mon 25th Sep

Congratulatios to Hawkins Union Locks on winning the Chronicle Cup by defeating Springvale A on Pennfields top green.

Congratulations to Bilston on winning the T P Wilkins Cup by defeating Springvale B on Pennfields bottom green.

Many thanks to Pennfields for hosting the competitions and for the use of there facilities.

Also many thanks to the greenkeepers Graham and Nigel and anyone else that helps for a fantastic playnig surface,also Karen for keeping the beers flowing.

The games were played in a great atmosphere,sunny day and in a wonderful spirit.

Mon 11th Sep


To be played on Saturday 23rd  September  2.15 start


Hawkins Union Locks  v Springvale A on  PENNFIELDS TOP



To be played on Saturday 23rd  September  2.30 start


Bilston v Springvale B  on  PENNFIELDS BOTTOM


In both finals players must have played a minimum of 3 league games.

Sun 6th Aug

Dates for Competitions.

26th August  1st round of the  Chronicle Cup

2nd September  2nd round of the  Chronicle Cup  and 1st round of the T P Wilkins Cup

9th September semi final of the Chronicle Cup and semi final of the T P Wilkins Cup.

The finals date is to be confirmed,to see what teams are in the finals.

Hopefully a 2 green venue and it will be on a saturday.

There will be a free date of Saturday 16th September to rearrange any outstanding games.

The finals will be on either 23rd or 30th September,depending what greens i can use.

Both Chronicle Cup and T P Wilkins Cup are to be 10 players,21 up and all games are scored on aggregate onily.

If the match ends in a draw three extra games must be played and each captain to nominate the three players.


Mon 31st Jul


Can you please have a look in your trophy cabinets for any of The Works Bowling League trophies,Chronicle Cup and T P Wilkins  trophies.

If you have got any can i have them back ASAP please.

Many Thanks


Sun 12th Mar

The paying in meeting will be held on Monday 20th March 2023 at Willenhall Liberal Club.

Score cards will be available at £10 for 500.

Sun 12th Mar

Car Parking at The Old Cross

The Old Cross Pub have now instigated parking restrictions. As such all visitors will need to register their vehicle number on a keypad in the bar.