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Wed 10th Jul 23 results from 23 Matches
Wed 17th Jul 20 Matches

Please Note that fixtures have gone live today Tuesday 27th February 2024

Woud you also take note about the start times of the following teams

Division 1

Amery home matches start at 1.30pm, and Hamiltons A  home matches start at 11.00am 

Division 2

Pavilion CES B play home games on a Thursday Afternoon at 2.00pm

Division 3 & 4

The following teams play their home games in a morning with a 11.00am start

Div 3 Essington B, Essington C, Hamiltons C, and Pavilion CES D

Div 4 Pennfield D and Pennfield F play home games on top green,at 11.00am morning. 

Willenhall Trinty C also play home games at 11.00am

Hamiltons E play home games on a Thursday Afternoon at 2.0pm


Important Dates:


Latest information:


Mon 17th Jun

The  qualifying round for the Doubles Merit will take place on 14th August.  Entry fee is £5.00 per pair and, as with the Individual Merit, all entry fees will be paid out in prize money.  I will be at Penn Bowling Club on Thursday 27th June between 10.00 and 12.00 to collect entry fees for anyone not paying by Bank Transfer.  Please ensure that either Nick or myself have details of your entry if you do pay through the bank.


Mon 17th Jun

Further to a recent incident concerning the use of mobile phones whilst playing matches and the behaviour between players, I remind you of the following rule:

Rule 10.1:


Electronic devices e.g., mobile phones, pagers, smart watches etc, in active mode are not allowed on the green. Should a player fail to comply, that player shall forfeit the game.  The offender(s) to receive no further score and the opponent(s) to receive the maximum score. 

As discussed at our A.G.M. the age group for our league means that sometimes we must take urgent calls, which may come through during a match.  If a player is expecting an urgent call, they should get agreement with their opponent to leave the green during play and inform both captains.  

The phone should be handed to a nominated representative off the green.  When the call comes through, the player must leave the green prior to accepting the call.

The league does not condone any form of abusive or bullying behaviour during play which can affect all players.  We all want to enjoy our matches without any distractions from people off the green.


Where there are any disputes on the green, unless either player requests intervention by the captains, no person, other than the opponent, should be involved until the completion of the game. 


Fri 14th Jun

Congratulations to the Indvidual Merit Qualifiers last Wednesday.

Des Conneely Pavilion CES, John Lem Amery, Lol Ellis Willenhall Trinity, Mike Richens Hamiltons, Grham Bird Pennfields, Terry Evans Ashmore Park, Ian Charles Willenhall Nordley and Steve Kus Penn BC

The final will take place on Wednesday 24th July 12.45 pm scratch out for a 1.00pm prompt start. All games 21up.

Please note that it will now be held on Woodfield Top  Green and not Essington as origonally planned.

Many thanks to Forhouses, Pennfields, Amery and Woodfield bottom green for allowing us to use their greens for theses Qualifying rounds

Wed 29th May

Divisiional Cup Quarter Finals matches are as follows

 Div 1 & 2 Quarters Round Round must be played on or before Thu Jun 27th 2024

1Willenhall Trinity A  v Pennfields A (18) At Willenhall Trinity

2Willenhall Nordley v  Woodfield A At Willenhall Nordley

3Swindon A v Pavilion CES B At Swindon

4Bilston v Penn A At Bilston

 Div 3 & 4 Quarters Round Round must be played on or before Thu Jun 27th 2024

1 Hamiltons B     Essington C At Express and Star
2 Pennfields B     Swindon B At Pennfields Top
3 Willenhall Trinity C     Pavilion CES C At Willenhall Trinity Morn
4 Pennfields F 105 70 Woodfield D At Pennfields Top Morning

Hamilton B v Essington C at Hamilton green

Pennfields B v Swindon B Pennfields Top Green

Willenhall Trinity v Pavilion CES C at Willenhall Trinity Morning green

Pennfields F 205 Woodfield D 70

Wed 22nd May

Following today's complete wash out of fixtures

The league are looking for all todays games to be played on or before Thursday 13th June 2024 as per rule 8 in the constituion. Without compromising the Individaul Merit qualifying round on the 12th June 24.

Ruke 8

Any team postponing a match must give a full 48 hours’ notice and postponed matches must be played within twenty-two (22) days of the original date. Otherwise, an extension must be arranged in writing (email) with both team captains and the league Fixtures Secretary. In the unlikelihood of a match not being played the team defaulting forfeits the match with a score 8 points to 0 and an aggregate score of 126-Nil.

Please inform me with rearranged dates as soon as they are agreed so i can change date on website.

Sun 12th May
The funeral of Mac Pearson will take place on
 Friday 14th June 2pm at St Johns Essington.
 The burial will following at Willenhall Lawn Cemetery family only.
 The Wake will be at Willenhall Liberal Club afterwards
 It would be lovely to see all those who knew Mac from  bowls at the service and down at the club.
For catering purpose please inform Kaz Kitson 07833 691399 via text whatsapp or facebook if you are going to the wake.

Sat 11th May

I am deeply saddened to inform everyone the passing of Phil Edwards (Spider) Pavilion CES this morning after a short illness. RIP Phil

Phil's funeral is at Bushbury Crematorium on Monday 10th June at 9.45am


Mon 6th May
Mark Bircumshaw has informed me that with great sadness he advises of the passing of Malcolm (Mac) Pearson yesterday. 
Mac has been a great servant to bowls within Staffordshire having been involved for many years, not just running the Works League, representing the County as lead delegate at the BCGBA annual General Meeting. Sitting on the County Committee and as a team manager and Past President. 
We will all miss his presence and wise guidance.
Mark will update you with his funeral arrangements once he receives the details.
Mon 22nd Apr

Just a reminder to ask all players if they are interested in entering the Individual Merit and/or the Doubles.  The more entrants, the bigger the prizes.

Sue will be at Penn Bowling Club between 10.00 and 12.00 to receive entrance fees on 2nd May (Individual Merits) and 27th June (Doubles).  Alternatively, you can pay online.  Bank details can be found on this site, otherwise, contact Sue or Nick.



Tue 16th Apr

It is with deep sadness that I have to report the passing of Brian Poole Woodfield A and Executive Committee Member for many years, after a recent battle against illness 

Brian captained the Woodfield A team too much success, winning Div League title and the League Div 1 & 2 Cup on many occasions 

Rest in Peace Brian and thanks for all your help on the committee.


Funeral details to follow 

Wed 10th Apr

Unfortunately we have not had the best start to league programme today, with such bad weather.

I will be looking for all today's postponed games to be rearranged and played no later than the end of April. Nick 

Wed 10th Apr

I would like to remind all Captains/ Secretary that if you need to find club contact for another team, you must log on using your pin number to see phone numbers etc.

Wed 10th Apr

The next round of  cup matches are as follows

Div 1 & 2

Will Trinity A v Breakaway Harrisons, Hamilton A v Pennfields A (18), Willenhall Nordley v Pavilion CES A & Woodfield A v Coseley AC (18)

Div 3 & 4

Preliminary Roud Woodfield D v Hamilton C TO BE PLAYED BY THE END OF APRIL

Next round

Wombourne B v Hamilton B, Essington C v Springvale B, Bradmore A (12) v Pennfields B &  Swindon B v Pennfields D (18)


A reminder that team handicaps (shown in brackets) will now be added on at the end of the match, so all individual games will be a straight 21 up.


Sat 23rd Mar

Would all Division 1 teams please note that last years Penn B team Captained by Ron Justice is now their A Team, and Last years A Team is now their B team Captained by Chrissy Webb. The cup draw remains unchanged with A team away at Essington A and the B team away at Woodfield A

Tue 27th Feb

Please note that fixtures are now live,