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Wed 11th Oct
Hi All
As explained at our meeting this morning Ray Pickering has resigned from all his roles within the South and West over 60's League for health reasons and I am sure you will all join me in wishing him well for the future. 
Margaret Courier has kindly agreed to take over the general secretary roll between now and the AGM  when the vacant positions can hopefully be formerly elected. Margaret's contact number is 07934082057 and email If you have any queries you can also contact me in the short term.
I think that from the meeting it is evident that we probably need to split the jobs that Ray did so that the work load does not fall on just one person. I have listed below all the various jobs within the League and a brief description of what is entailed. As suggested at the meeting can you please ask your club members to see if anyone is willing to take up the following unfilled positions in red:-
Keeping account of all financial matters and issuing fines where necessary. 
This position is held by Bev Pritchard (KGV) who is willing to continue.
Minutes secretary:-
Keeping minutes of meetings 
This is position is held by Margaret Courier (Marston Green) who is willing to continue
General Secretary:-
Keeping clubs informed of general meetings and booking Annual Presentation.
Margaret Courier (Marston Green) has taken over this role up to AGM and hopefully will continue going forward
Collecting Trophies in and arranging for them to be engraved ready for the Presentation and producing winners certificates.
Eva Taylor and Janet Wheeler (Woodlands Park)are responsible for this and hopefully will continue
Representative game:- 
1. To contact East Birmingham organiser to agree a date for the match.
2. Select and contact 24 players to compete in a 12 home 12 away match. 
3. Select a green for the home venue.
4. Put a list of the team and details of match on website
Mark Taylor (British Oak) has volunteered to do this for the 2024 season 
League Secretary:- 
1. Send out a form to member clubs pre season to get confirmation of clubs entering and collecting any new secretary / contact information.
Note:- individual clubs are responsible for updating there own club contacts and registration lists on the web site prior to start of season.
2. Create 2024 year on web site and update divisions for promotions and relegations. Create 2014 fixtures. 
(Bev can help with this for the first year if needed)
3. Keep an eye on the website to ensure teams are entering results on time.
4. Update web site with new registrations after the start of the season.
5. Keep a note of postponements and deal with any queries arising regarding League matches
Cup Secretary:-
1. Complete a draw for the prelim of the cup and allocate a neutral green (and one not in the same division of either team) for each of the matches. This then needs to be entered on the website ready for teams to enter the results.
(Bev can help explain how this is done for the first year if needed)
2. Allocate greens for subsequent rounds ensuring that teams have not played on the same green that season in an earlier round and update the website each round.
Merit Secretary:-
For the 2023 season Ray emailed out to clubs with details of the various merits and kept a record of the entries. The individual merits were then run on the day by members of the committee. Ideally we could do with someone who will take over the responsibility of the merits.
1. Producing a notice for clubs to put on their notice boards advising of the dates the various merits will be run.
2. Organising a green for each competition.
3. Updating the web site with the details of the merits.
4. Taking entries prior to the closing date to ensure there is enough interest to run the competition but also accepting entries on the day if numbers allow.
5. Emailing clubs nearer to the date of each competition reminding them of the upcoming competition and venue.
6. Running the competitions on the day or delegating to committee members when not available.
The following are the current committee members:-
Jack Sharpe (Hall Green)
Bev Pritchard (KGV)
Phil Richardson (Wythall)
Terry Moss (MCC)
Colin Taylor (Olton Tavern)
Janet Wheeler (Woodlands Park)
Eva Taylor (Woodlands Park
We are always after new committee members so If you have any members who don't feel they are able to fill one of the vacant positions but are willing to serve on the committee please put their name forward at the AGM.
If no one comes forward to fulfil the vacant positions we will have to reduce the work load by not running merit or cup competitions which would be a sad day for our League. 
Kind Regards