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Welcome to the Stafford Saturday Bowls League





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Wed 13th Sep


The committee have been asked by the captain of Burton Manor A if they could rearrange their match on 2nd September with Stafford A as they did not have the minimum 6 players that week. They were informed as per the rules if the game could be played on the 30th September or before, and the Stafford captain was in agreement and could himself get a team it could go ahead otherwise Burton would have to concede the match. Staffords captain has been able to agree to this and the match will be played on the 30th September. 



Wed 26th Jul

26th July 2023

The committee have been asked by the Post Office in advance  to postpone this Saturdays match against Hagley B on the 29th July due to unforseen circumstances. 3 players are organising the BCGBA Senior Merit Finals in Manchester, Frank James being president. Despite some players being on holiday and would have had enough,  they are now down to 4 players due to 2 being unwell. The committe have discussed the situation as always , and ruled that the match can be postponed. The match must be played within 28 days as is the rule 9b and the league secretay informed of the revised date.

Mon 8th May

Just a reminder for captains to ensure all players are registered by midnight the Wednesday prior to the match. Any further unregistered players will be penalised and thier points disallowed.

Thank you for your co-operation. Vilma

Wed 8th Mar

Fixtures are now live.

I will print off 12 copies for each team and hand them out on Friday 10th March at Alstom along with score cards and result sheets. Due to time constraint (Wolverhampton league published late Sunday afternoon) only paper copies for fixtures. 

Sat 25th Feb

Fixtures update.


The Wolverhampton and south staffs league are checking that their fixtures do not clash with the Wolverhampton and District Works league. Once this is done I can start on this leagues's fixtures. 

Amasal have withdrawn from the Wolverhampton league so I only have Victoria Park to work round so it should be more straightforward.

Sun 19th Feb

18th February

The minutes of the AGM are now avilable to view on the link.

Thank you to all who attended.

Sat 4th Feb

Can teams update their player list's  to remove those who are no longer playing and add new players, with their registration numbers.

Some information currently shown for some teams is incomplete with registration numbers missing or appearing incorrect with numbers not fully listed with pre-fix missing or the wrong pre-fix for male / female bowlers shown.


Wed 11th Jan

Notice to clubs.

An AGM will be held on Monday 13th February 2023 at Stafford Bowls Club  starting at 7pm.

A new constitution will be voted on to come into effect for the new season. The document and issues to be decided upon can be located in the index (see left screen);

Can clubs bring contact details of the secretary and treasurer for their club for the new league Secretary and Treasurer to assist in theri duties.


Tue 29th Nov 2022





The reason we have called this meeting is to discuss changes to next years bowling league.

it is imperative every club sends a representative to this meeting as the teams will be asked to vote on certain changes.

The agenda for this meeting will be as follows

1/ New Constitution

2/ New Officers

3/ New league Structure



Rosie Vance-Cotsford