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Stafford 55 Bowling League 2023


  President Ned Elcock   


Mike Bosson

23 Trinity Road



ST21 6AR

Vice Chairman

Ken Hunt


Brian Belfield

1 Manor Close

Great Haywood


ST18 0SA 


Colin Dempsey

9 Clifton Close


ST16 3XA



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REFRESHMENTS at half time ?

YES :- Alstom A,C & D, Amasal P & UNI, Burton Manor B, County Officers A & B, Lea Hall
          Penkridge B, Phoenix B, C , D, Riverway & UNI, Stafford A & B

NO :- Burton Manor A, Littleworth, Phoenix A, Rowley Park



Important Dates:


Thu 11th Jan 2024 10:30 am


At Alstom



Thu 8th Feb 2024 2.00 pm


At Littleworth Community Centre



Latest information:


Thu 28th Sep


Congratulations to Julie Alderman who beat Stanley Hugill in the final by 21-6,

retaining the shield that she won last year.

Thank you to Stafford Bowling Club for the fabulous green and their renown catering facilities.

Thank you to the markers, measurers and support for this competition.

The full results are in Competition Results.


Alderman 2023

Fri 22nd Sep


Congratulations to David Bayliss and David Burrows who beat Pat Bailey and Robert Fenton

in a very close final by 21-20. Thank you to Del Milgate and Judith Litchfield for organising a

difficult competition. Thank you to County Officers for the green and catering, and measurers, markers etc.

The full results are in Competition Results.

A Ladies grey reversible body warmer (M & S per una) was left at Silkmore Lane. If anyone has it by mistake, please contact John Sly at County Officers.

Drawn Doubles 2023



Fri 15th Sep


Congratulations to David Bayliss/Brian Poynton/Anne Mace who beat Brian Hickman/Ray Finlow/Sid Kelly

by 21-8, partiularly fitting for a win for Anne as she retires as Vets Competition Secretary!

Thank you to Alstom for the greens and especially, Clive and John, our green cutters who worked out

of hours in preparation. Thank you to the Alstom catering team, measurers, markers etc.

The full results are in Competition Results.

Triples Merit 2023



Fri 8th Sep


Congratulations to Terry Wood and Cliff Jenkinson who beat last years final winners James Stuart and Rona Jenkinson

by a very close finish of 21-18 despite the heat. Thank you to Amasal for a fine green.

Thank you to the Amasal catering team and the markers, measurers and general supporters.

The full results are in Competition Results.

Doubles Merit 2023


Tue 5th Sep


Congratulations to Paul Johnson and Michael Brayne who beat Pam and Rod Ewan comfortably

into second place by 22 to 5, both pairs retaining their shields from 2022.

Thank you to Alstom for the greens and especially the catering, and also the measurers and markers.

The full results are in American Results.

American Doubles 2023


Tue 29th Aug


Congratulations to Keith Davies who just pipped Paul Johnson by a score of 23 to 21.

A final game of -1 instead of +1 would have meant a 3 end play off!

Thank you to Alstom and Stafford BC for the greens, their catering, markers and measurers.

The full results are in American Results.

American Singles 2023

Tue 22nd Aug


Congratulations to Jim Stuart who beat Brian Hickman in the final by 21-14. Full results in Competition Results.

Thank you to Stafford BC, inparticular the Allmans, Phil for the green and Vilma

for the organising. Thank you to the Stafford BC catering and also the markers and measurers.

American Singles 2023

Fri 18th Aug

NON WINNERS Competition

Congratulations to Lynne Randall and Graham Morris who beat Annis Moore and Joe Wheildon

in a very close final to 21-19 which could have gone either way. Full results in Competition Results.

Thank you to Alstom for the greens and especially the Alstom Catering Team for drinks and cakes etc.

Also thank you to the scorers and measurers.

Non-Winners 2023

Fri 5th May


Despite the fairly poor weather, the league season has got under way successfully with many exciting matches and much competitive bowling. However, our Chairman wishes to mention that SCBA expects 'the highest standards of conduct from those involved' in order to maximise the enjoyment and benefits. A couple of recent incidents mean that it is necessary to remind you that all players are 'expected to treat fellow participants with respect and courtesy'-----it is not for example sporting to react badly in defeat and in fact the opposition should be congratulated rather than criticised for their style of play. It is also an established rule (8.2) that 'when an end is being measured, all players must stand away and not interfere (by action or comment) with the actions of the measurers'----and the decisions of "officials" should be accepted without dissent.