Helsby Winter League 2023/24

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Dave Evans  Gary Spencer  Nige Parker

Tue 5th Mar 4 Matches
Wed 6th Mar 4 Matches
Thu 7th Mar 4 Matches

Welcome to the Helsby Winter League


2023/24 Winter League

Hope you all had a good summer season and welcome back to last years teams and all new teams who have joined us. There are now 24 teams so we have had to create 3 divisions of 8 teams. Div 1 will play Tuesdays, Div 2 Wednesdays and Div 3 Thursdays @ 7pm; green available for practice from 6pm.

When choosing who to put into the divisions we looked at previous years results and also the players declared in the 23/24 teams. 

Average Prizes : The committee have decided to withdraw any average prizes due to several reasons; it is a disincentive to play pairs matches, most teams have large squads and rotate players, there was never a pairs average prize. The money has been added to the divisional prize pots.


Membership and Fees

The fees for 23/24 are as follows:

Team League Entry Fee : £30

Individual Winter Membership : £15 (Covers period 1st Oct 23 - 31st Mar 24)

Match Fees : £2 per player


Request for Captains : Please check your player team registrations and let us know if there are any missing or need deleting. Also to input results you all need a login code for this website; last years teams your code should still be the same and work; new teams will need to contact us or it will be handed out at the 1st fixture date.


Important Note on Fixtures

All fixtures are to be played on the designated date. Any team who are short on the night will forfeit 21 points for each missing player. Under no circumstances can a player play twice on the same night. If any team cannot fulfil the fixture completely they will score zero points and the opposing team will score their average score at the end of the season.


 Fixture Prints

There is an Excel File at the bottom of the left hand menu that have fixtures as follows:

1 - helsby 2023 Fixturebook shows matches by week and the reversal date in the 2nd half with green numbers in red




Important Dates:


Latest information: