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Fri 3rd Nov


Well with only a day to go before this years Annual Presentation Night at Newdigate Club, thought it would be good to advise you on the order of events:


  • We have sold out of tickets which is excellent.
  • We are unable to change or refund tickets now as food is ordered and seating plan completed.
  • Unfortunately we will be unable to entertain any one who wants to attend on the night due to numbers & the Clubs fire regulations.
  • Please bring your tickets with you.
  • Please try and arrive and be seated for around 7 p.m.
  • We are trying to commence the presentation as early as possible.
  • With around 60 Trophies and awards to present this will take a while.
  • We will be asking that every attendee is courteous throughout all the awards - its important each winner gets the same support from all attendees.
  • We have £250 worth of raffle prizes - so please bring CASH with you.
  • On arrival can you please make sure your Club members sit in the seats allocated - with the room full there is no space to be moving things around.
  • We hope to complete the presentation by 8.30 pm latest
  • This will be followed by the Buffet - Clubs will be asked to collect food by table.
  • Following Buffet we will have the Raffle draw followed by Disco
  • Bar will close at 11.30 pm.

I am sure this will be a fantastic night and a celebration of the Bowling successes throughout 2023


Sat 21st Oct

Dear Secretary,


The Coventry & District "Rules Revision & League formation meeting" is scheduled for Monday 4th December 2023, should Clubs wish to submit any proposals for Rule changes then these need to be sent to myself no later than Friday 3rd November, all proposals require a seconder, ideally with the proposal - however this can be done on the night but if there is no seconder then the proposal will not be heard.


I would plan to release all new Rule proposals to club by Monday 6th November and In accordance with Rule 4.c. (Motions) - A Club wishing to move an amendment to a notified Notice of Motion shall notify the League Secretary seven days prior to the date of the meeting at which the Notice of Motion is to be considered, in this case this will be Monday 27th November.


If Clubs are also thinking of either submitting or withdrawing teams for the 2024 season it would be good to know this by the meeting, although this can possibly be extended to the end of the year latest.





Tue 3rd Oct

League Meeting 2nd October 2023


Please note the minutes of the League meeting held on Monday 2nd October have been uploaded - you can review under "Meeting Minutes".



Wed 23rd Aug



This competition will take place on Sunday 27th August as scheduled - the venue will be Dunlop and the roll call is 2 p.m.


Please make sure all the players whom have entered from your Clubs are aware of this.





Tue 22nd Aug


This Sunday the 27th August is the scheduled date for the Jack Hughes Competition, all the Coventry and District Competition forms had been sent out by myself to all clubs in March this year, so these must have been on your notice boards for a while now.


Unfortunately there are only 13 entries from just 3 clubs (+ we always get a few no shows) which is very disappointing, more so that the League had sponsored this event to the sum of £75 to encourage players to enter these competitions.


The Jack Hughes is a competition for handicap players of 4 and above so should be a good stepping stone to enter comps and try other greens.


We are prepared to open the entries until close on Thursday 24th August, if we do not get a significant increase in entries we will have no choice but to cancel the event - it will be difficult to try and find a new date or even guarantee players will enter.


I will post this on social media but please get this out to all your players.


Please contact Len Peach 07305095768 or




Thu 17th Aug

Sunday matches - 20th August

The Women's World Cup final will take place on Sunday morning and we understand there is a conciderable interest in watching this event. The rules covering matches says 'All matches must be played on or before the date in the handbook.' It only says date, not time, so Sunday matches can be played in the afternoon or evening if the opposition agree.

Fri 4th Aug

Saturday 5th August - Weather warning

Substantial rainfall is forecast throughtout the morning and early afternoon. Given this, if the two captains agree, matches can be called off early if the green is likely to be unplayable.



Sun 23rd Jul

Weather postponements - Very Important

For the avoidance of doubt,

- Saturday matches cannot be called off until 4pm, Sunday before 11am and MIdweek before the start time

- Matches can only be postponsed under weather conditioned  with the agreement of both Captains

- Jacks/mats must be provided so the away team can try out the green.

- All the players should be present, within reason (up to four players could reasonably be absent at 4pm).

- A bit of rain or not wanting to get wet is no reson to call off a match

The only reason for calling off the matches I can think of are...

- standing water across the green (one corner for example wouldn't be enough)

- 'rooster tailing' on woods across the green

- if the surface is dangerous, e.g. there isn't much grass and it has become slippery 

- thunder and lightning, although a temporary pause would initially be the way to go to see if it clears


If individuals do not want to play, that is a personal choice. We ask for common sense and respect for the opposition please.


Mon 26th Jun

New North Midlands County website

The new North Midlands website is up and running. A link can be found under the menu option 'Bowling Sites'.



Fri 16th Jun

Registering Players

A reminder that if players are not registered with the C&D Leagues at least an hour (or in the case of a player without a Registration Number, 48 hours) before a match starts, it will be awarded as a walkover to the other team. 


Please remember that registering with the C&D League is separate to any other leagues or the County.


The exception to this is where the player is already registered to you in another C&D League (Sunday, Saturday, Midweek or Thursday) where the player will just be added to that League. This is because rule C1d could be interpreted differently depending on the way it is read, and also the way it works with C1a. We will look to see what needs to be changed after the season has finished.


Tue 13th Jun


Despite the hot weather can I please remind players of BCGBA Rule 10.3:


10.3 Footwear: Hard block-heeled or open-toed footwear must not be worn on the green in any game played under the Association’s jurisdiction. The offending player(s) shall receive no further score and the opponent(s) shall receive the maximum score. No interpretation of this Law allows a player to play in only socks/stockings or in bare feet.


This is a safety issue so it may have implications on your Club's insurance if not followed. It covers anyone entering the green, e.g. even someone who is not playing and is helping out with measuring.


I know everyone will do their best to resolve any issues before the game starts so no forfeits are required.


Please stay safe with hydration, sun block, hats and shade where possible, particularly in the afternoon matches but also in the evenings. Temperatures given by the weather forecast are for the shade. 
Thu 8th Jun

Postponed Matches

Details of postponed matches, the reason and new dates are now available under 'Rulings'. If you are having problems rearranging matches that have been postponed for 'exceptional circumstances' please contact the League Match Secretary as early as possible, i.e. new dates should be agreed within 7 dyas of the original match date.




Sat 27th May

New/Changing Registrations

I am currently unable to add/change any existing registrations. However, as long as you have emailed me their name and BCGBA Number at least an hour before the match, they can play. I will update the result when I return. If a player is transferring completely from another Club, you cannot play them until the player is released. I therefore advise to contact the otehr secretary and ask them to send me an email confirming the transfer.


Thu 18th May

County Cup Draw

6.30 pm Start - Venues please have greens open and jacks, mats, measures, tapes and scoreboards available for prompt start.

Please note this is not a League Competition - queries & results should be sent to Len Peach.






May 26

Griff B




May 26


Potters Gn


Griff 1

May 26





June 9

Ath Cons

Kers Coll



May 26

St Cov B




May 26




Foles Gas

May 26




Ath Grove

May 26

Dunlop B

Ath Grove



May 26

Dunlop A




June 9

Griff A

St Cov A


Dunlop 2

June 9


Foles Gas



May 26

L Tree




May 26




Stoke Cov

May 26




Lime Tree

May 26


Old Knowle



May 26



Mon 15th May

Thursday Merit 2023 - 18th May 6.00 pm roll call



Lime Tree

Stoke Cov

N Tonks**

M Blackmore

P Varney

S Pratt

P Lamb

M Warrington**

J Tomlinson**

M Golby**

E Barnacle

G Ward

L Bench

L Burdett

P Welland

C Welland

J Philimore

K Shanks

D Peach

D Nicholls

L Aulton

S Stephenson

A Stachurski   

C Bush

S Day

B Neale

K Masters

D Ord

C Tonks

M Jefferson

P Lancaster

D Plenderleith

B Allen

W Kay

B Cleaver

R Dichiara

P Folliard

M Allen

T Aubury

G Wright

F Hallworth

G Crawford

B Shaw

D Horbury

R Allen

R Burdett mnr

D Horbury

M Dobson

A Greer

D Burdett

M Orme

A Seccull

S Horbury

J Horbury


M Puffett



2 qualifiers per green



Wed 10th May
Coventry City play-off games
We do recognise there will be considerable issues with traffic on Sunday morning given the noon kick-off. This might be mitigated by playing earlier on Sunday or as allowed under Rule F3a, later the same day at 5pm for example. This can only happen if both teams agree.
Given the second leg is away, there will be no exceptions to Rule F3a but teams can agree to start earlier, again only if both sides agree. The League does not need to be notified if a game is to be played early.
We believe this is a proportionate response taking into consideration all views.
Sat 29th Apr

Bill Carter Sunday Cup Rules

1. Six players per team, who must be registered to play in the Sunday League, all League sides are required to enter. 

2. Handicap competition, using the county handicaps which must be added to the teams total score. All games shall be 21 up under BCGBA Laws of the game.

3. All matches shall be played to a conclusion on the dates agreed. Only adverse conditions affecting the greens will be taken into consideration.

4. The winner will be deemed to be the team with the highest cumulative total. Results to be entered online.

5. In the event of a tied match, each captain to select one player from their team to play a decider, with the individual player’s handicap on the scorecard

6. In the event of a team not showing up, both teams must enter six names on the team sheet, the players nominated then becoming cup-tied.


Thu 27th Apr

Bill Carter Sunday Cup - 30th April

A reminder that this handicap cups starts at 10:30 on 30th April. There is no roll up allowed. Please ensure that someone from your Club provides the standard equipment (four jacks, mats, mesaures, boards and long tapes) at your green for the neutral game taking place on it.



Sat 22nd Apr

Saturday D4

We have received very late notification that Lime Tree B will fold in Saturday D4. With such short notice, the only course of action is make those fixtures byes. This is unfortunately make for a very bitty season for most teams. Apologies but this is a situation that was not in our control.


Fri 21st Apr

Updated rules published 

The Clubs have agreed to a number of tweaks to the rules for 2023 season. The changes are (highlighted in bold):


C. Player Registration and Transfers
C1d. Registration of new players already registered with the BCGBA must be in the hands of the Match Secretary in writing at least an hour before the scheduled start of a match. Registration of new players not already registered with the BCGBA must be registered with the County 48 hours before a match.


D Matches
D2a. Fine reduced
D2b. In League Matches, one day competitions and Merit preliminary rounds, Players may wear trousers, jeans, tracksuit bottoms, or at least knee length skirts, dresses or shorts.


D3d. The order of play shall be decided by the Captain of each team placing their own cards. Providing sufficient Players are present three games (Sunday) or four games (on all other Leagues) to be played. For evening games, the maximum number of games should be on the green until all matches have finished.


D4a. Saturday Matches to start by 3:00pm, Mid-Week Leagues at 6:30pm (6:00pm all games in April and September or any Match week that has any days that fall in these months). These times must be adhered to and may only be varied in special circumstances by mutual agreement between the Clubs concerned.


G Premier League
4. The dress code will be plain black trousers or black tailored shorts, and a collared shirt, all of the same colour. N.B. Reasonable dispensation will be given to non-regular players covering for sickness or holiday.


Please remember that Matches can be brought forward but can only be postponed for exceptional circumstances as decided by the Committee. This would include damage to the green or a lack of facilities but would not include holidays, illness or most other reasons for player absences.


F3a. All matches must be played on or before the date in the handbook. The exceptions being if the green is unplayable or through exceptional circumstances with full agreement from the League Management Committee...


D4d. If at the commencement of or during the progress of the game, the green is considered unfit for play, the captains shall have the power to adjourn the match, but no Saturday match shall be called off before 4.00 pm, no Sunday match before 11.00 pm and no Midweek/Thursday game before the scheduled start.



Mon 17th Apr

Thursday D2 - Newdigate v Weddington

The home and away legs of these fixtures (7th and 13th July) have been reversed. The fixtures have been updated to reflect this.



Sat 8th Apr

Brandish and Bill Carter Cups

Details of the draw can be found under 'Competition Results' on the menu. Please Contact Len is you have any queries.



Sat 8th Apr

Kings Coronation

A reminder of what was said at the last meeting - we decided due to time constraints to schedule matches on the day of the Coronation, especially as the main events should be over by 2pm normally. If you wish to move this game, it will need to be played on the week before the start of the season - April 15th. You could also split the game six and six between then and the Coronation date with those games starting at 3pm for example. Please remember you need agreement from the other team.



Thu 23rd Mar

Player registrations

A reminder that updated player list should be sent to the Match Secretary before the end of March perferrably, but absolutely before the 12th April.


This yaer you can download your current list of players from your Club log (where you enter your results), click on the 'Export Player List' option, amend as appropiate and then send in. You can also update your Club COntacts via the button (and then clicking on your CLub Name to access the edit screen).


Many thanks to Albany, Alvis, Bed Ex, Copsewood, Gas, Griff, Herberts, Kenilworth, Knowle, Newdigate, Standard, Stockingford, Wilnecote and Windmill who have already provided details.


Sat 4th Mar

Officer's Details

These can now be found under the 'Officers' option in the menu.



Tue 21st Feb




As discussed at the recent AGM please find attached a listing of all the Coventry & District Competitions for the 2023 season


All entry sheets will be sent to Clubs Secretaries.


Please also note this season the Coventry and District will be sponsoring 3 competitions £75 each as marked ***

Sat 18th Feb

Thursday fixtures re-published

There have been substantial changes to the fixtures since they were first published. Please review your new fixtures.


Wed 15th Feb

Midweek D3 -  Bulkington C v Dunlop C (15th August)

As the fixtures threw up Dunlop C Midweek and Thursday teams playing away on the same Tues, we have moved the Midweek D3 game to the 8th August.


Wed 15th Feb

Midweek D1 - Hanchwood C v Potters Green

Please note that the home/away legs of this match have been swapped:

Tue 2nd May - Haunchwood C v Potters Green

Wed 19th July - Potters Green v Haunchwood C


Tue 14th Feb

Thursday League - Update

This has been taken offline while we resolve issues with clashes with Nuneaton fixtures. Unfortunately the make up of the divisions is making this extremely challenging. The Secretaries from the three divisions are working closely to reach a solution but you should expect subtantial changes to the Thursday fixtures previously published. Thank you for your patience.


Sat 11th Feb

Midweek & Thursday Fixtures

These are now available for review. Please note, these are liable to change due to clashes with the Nuneaton Mens and Ladies leagues. I am also aware of Dunlop C Midweek and Thursday teams scheduled to play on Tues 15th August - one of these matches will be rescheduled.


Fri 10th Feb

Saturday Fixtures Live

Due to the amount of weeks that games cannot be played on, the season starts on the 22nd April and runs to the 23rd September. There are oppertunities to bring games forward if not involved in the events that prevent games being played some weeks.



Thu 9th Feb

Midweek formation

The Midweek teams have collectively decided that the structure for 2023 is four divisions of 8. This leads to the following formation.


1 Dunlop A
2 Kenilworth A
3 Potters Green
4 Alvis A
5 Newdigate B
6 Coundon B
7 Attleborough B
8 Haunchwood C

1 Stockingford
2 Standard A
3 Bulkington B
4 Foleshill Gas B
5 Walsgrave C
6 Dunlop B
7 Bedworth Ex-service
8 Stoke Coventry B

1 Herberts A
2 Lime Tree B
3 Bulkington C
4 Albany Club
5 Keresley Colliery B
6 Kenilworth B
7 Alvis B
8 Dunlop C


1 Walsgrave D
2 Coundon C
3 Old Coventrians
4 Standard B
5 Herberts B
6 Foleshill Gas C
7 Stoke Coventry C
8 Coundon D


Thu 9th Feb

Premier League formation

The Premier League is formed of two divisons of ten teams. This leads to the following formation.


1 Haunchwood A
2 Copsewood A
3 Atherstone Cons A
4 Walsgrave A
5 Coundon A
6 Wilnecote
7 Foleshill Gas A
8 Attleborough A
9 Newdigate A
10 Stoke Coventry A

1 Bulkington A
2 Haunchwood B
3 Atherstone Cons B
4 Copsewood B
5 Ye Olde Knowle
6 Keresley Colliery A
7 Lime Tree A
8 Phoenix Foxes
9 Walsgrave B
10 Baddesley


The Baddesley team had indicated they would be moving Club prior to formation and, as not all of the players would be moving, we took the decision to place them in P2. As written notification of Baddesley withdrawing was not made prior to formation, their position in P2 will become a bye as is the norm. 
Thu 9th Feb

Saturday formation

The Saturday teams have collectively decided that the structure for 2023 is a division of 10 and three divisions of 9. This leads to the following formation.


1 Atherstone Cons A
2 Lime Tree A
3 Haunchwood
4 Attleborough Sports A
5 Dunlop A
6 Walsgrave
7 Bulkington A
8 Stoke Coventry A
9 Coundon A
10 Atherstone Grove A

1 Foleshill Gas
2 Griff & Coton A
3 Newdigate A
4 Alvis A
5 Kerseley Colliery
6 Bulkington B
7 Atherstone Cons B
8 Phoenix
9 Kenilworth

1 Standard A
2 Potters Green
3 Attleborough Sports B
4 Bedworth Ex-service A
5 Dunlop B
6 Griff & Coton B
7 Coundon B
8 Windmill
9 Newdigate B

1 Stoke Coventry B
2 Stockingford
3 Lime Tree B
4 Alvis B
5 Bedworth Ex-service B
6 Atherstone Grove B
7 Standard B
8 Wagon Load of Lime
9 Griff & Coton C



Wed 8th Feb

Thursday formation

The Thursday teams have collectively decided that the structure for 2023 is a division of 10 and four divisions of 8. This leads to the following formation.


1 Attleborough Sports
2 Foleshill Gas A
3 Phoenix Foxes
4 Walsgrave A
5 Stoke Coventry A
6 Lime Tree A
7 Keresley Colliery A
8 Dunlop A
9 Walsgrave B
10 Stockingford A
1 Bulkington
2 Coundon A
3 Newdigate
4 Standard A
5 Weddington
6 Kenilworth A
7 Dunlop B
8 Herberts A
1 Copsewood A
2 Coundon B
3 Alvis A
4 Potters Green
5 Stoke Coventry B
6 Lime Tree B
7 Keresley Colliery B
8 Albany Club A
1 Bedworth Ex A
2 Walsgrave C
3 Haunchwood
4 Bedworth Ex B
5 Coundon C
6 Standard B
7 Foleshill Gas B
8 Stockingford B
1 Herberts B
2 Coundon D
3 Copsewood B
4 Alvis B
5 Stoke Coventry C
6 Dunlop C
7 Kenilworth B
8 Albany Club B



Mon 6th Feb

Provisional Sunday Leagues dates are now live!