Wem Bowling League 2022


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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
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WAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWPP
Mon 27th Jun Wem Division 1
72009Castlefields AVBowring31323 
819510Sir John BayleyVHanwood A21502 
51797Meole Brace AVHadley USC51635 
Mon 27th Jun Wem Division 2
920411Prince Hotel AVMeole Brace C11251 
819010Bayston Hill AVNewport 21372 
61828Wem Bc AVPontesbury A41494 
61808CrescentVCastlefields B41634 
Mon 27th Jun Wem Division 3
819110Hadnall AVOsbc 21232 
51737G & A (B)VPowbc B51595 
51645Hanwood BVBattlefield A71865 
21132Bicton VG & A (A)101908 
Meole Brace BVAtcham B 
Mon 27th Jun Wem Division 4
820710Pontesbury CVBagley 21152 
820310Powbc CVHadnall B21252 
919811Atcham AVBayston Hill B11211 
71839Battlefield BVPrince Hotel B31503 
61778Baschurch BVEllesmere41674 
Mon 4th Jul Wem Division 1
Castlefields AVBaschurch A 
Hadley USCVHanwood A 
LlanymynechVSir John Bayley 
Meole Brace AVBowring 
Mon 4th Jul Wem Division 2
Bayston Hill AVWem Bc A 
DorringtonVMeole Brace C 
Prince Hotel AVCastlefields B 
Mon 4th Jul Wem Division 3
Atcham BVOsbc  
Bicton VBattlefield A 
G & A (B)VG & A (A) 
Hanwood BVHadnall A 
Meole Brace BVPowbc B 
Mon 4th Jul Wem Division 4
Baschurch BVPrince Hotel B 
Battlefield BVBagley  
Hadnall BVBayston Hill B 
Pontesbury CVAtcham A 
Powbc CVEllesmere