Walsall Vets Bowling League 2023

Match Secretary & Treasurer Secretary  
 Donna Gauden Jean Ettle   
07818 402500 or  donna.gauden@yahoo.com  01922 403302 or j.ettle@hotmail.co.uk     

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Thu 11th May

Please note.

If you ask me to add players less than 7 days before the match, the players will be added after that Tuesday match. Meaning from Wednesday onwards but before the following Tuesday match, so there is no need to contact me until after the weekend If they have not appeared in your team. I will add them from all teams in one go, which is a lot easier than adding them daily. Thank you for your understanding. Donna.


Wed 26th Apr

Please remember 

Essington(Ashmore) are playing at Essington W.M.C, High Hill, Essington, Wolverhampton, WV11 2DW. The team no longer play on Ashmore Park. 

Thanks, Donna.