Summit Garage Bowling League 2024


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Current Week's Fixtures
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WAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWPP
Mon 8th Jul Summit Premier
61548Greville ArmsVMoseley CC21212 
61498Stretton AngleseyVWillenhall Nordley21362 
41406Atherstone ConsVWest Brom FSC41184 
11121HamsteadVThe George111567 
Mon 8th Jul Summit Division One
816810TriplexVBelmont Services0830 
51517LangleyVRoyal Oak31393 
61478M&b Cheslyn HayVVictoria Park21232 
Mon 15th Jul Summit Premier
Moseley CCVGreville Arms 
The GeorgeVHamstead 
West Brom FSCVAtherstone Cons 
Willenhall NordleyVStretton Anglesey 
Mon 15th Jul Summit Division One
Belmont ServicesVM&b Cheslyn Hay 
Tanworth In ArdenVPenn 
WoodfieldVVictoria Park