Cannock Bowls League 2022

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Dave Williams
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Stuart Hickson
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Helen Skidmore Julie Wigley Dave Christopher
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Cannock League 2022 Season 
Any questions/issues please contact Helen preferably by e-mail or text (details at the top).  Please remember that she works and so can't always respond straight away.
Best wishes to everyone for the coming season.


The Committee


Thu May 26th 18 results from 18 Matches


Important Dates:


Latest information:


Thu May 5th
Cannock Bowls League 2022 Competitions
We shall be holding our annual singles and doubles competitions on the dates below
Qualifying Dates
Singles - Wednesday 25 May 2022
Doubles - Wednesday 8 June 2022
Finals Dates
Singles - Thursday 22 September 2022
Doubles - Thursday 29 September 2022
Please send all names to Dave Christopher at -
Email -
Txt - Mobile - 07956 - 561990
Home - 33 Gorseway Burntwood WS74TB
Entry Fees
Singles - £1.50 per player
Doubles - £3.00 per pair
Please pay by bank transfer to Cannock League Bowls, Sort Code 30-64-44, Account number 40725560 with reference Cannock Bowls Merits.
Or deliver to 33 Gorseway 
Closing date for entries is 12 noon Monday 16 May
Venues and further info to follow.
Mon May 2nd

League Admin note


I have today added the draft minutes from the AGM as a sub heading to the main menu option AGM Paperwork - 2022.

I've also been asked for a results sheet by some teams, it is optional if you want to use this, but if you do it can be accessed from the main menu - 'Match Result Sheet - from 2022' and can be printed from there.

I've created an e-mail group which should include all the club secretaries and team captains (or their nominated alternate) and sent out an e-mail to this group today.  If you didn't receive an e-mail and think you should have then please let me know. 





Wed Apr 20th

Mick Mularkey sadly passed away recently. He will be a sadly missed member of the Lea Hall Club

David Beynon


Mon Apr 4th

Lichfield Bowling Club

I'm pleased to say the issue at Lichfield BC is now resolved and they are ok to play.  As such they will be in the 4 Home/4 Away.  If there had been 10 teams when I did the draw game 8 wouldn't have been a bye so in agreement with Chase Terrace they will play in that prelim game.  The website has been updated with these details.





Fri Apr 1st

Hi all

The League fixtures are now available.  The league matches will start on  28th April, with the Home/Away games starting on 14th April. 

For those of you who aren’t aware Dave has had an accident and is out of action for a while.  We all wish him well with his recovery.  We plan to hold the merits and details of these will follow, when he can sort them, please keep a check on the website for details. 

Lichfield BC have recently been suspended from playing in leagues by SCBA.  We are hoping that this won’t be a long suspension and so have left them in the league fixtures, but, in agreement with their captain, have not put them in the Home/Away competition.  Hopefully this issue will be resolved before the start of the league but if you are in Division 2 with them please check the website for more details at the beginning of the season.

Over the next few days I will be updating the team details on the site.  So again for details of whether or not your opponents are doing refreshments please check closer to the game time.

Just a reminder the main changes from the AGM are that the individual matches are now 8 games rather than 10.  If at an evening your teams have spare players then please give them the option to have a friendly game during the evening, however decide on the match games at the beginning.

All players must be registered and no players can play twice in one evening.

The home/away competition numbers reflect the change in the numbers in the league games so this is now 4 home and 4 away.

The standard evening start time is 6.30, however this can be changed, either earlier or later, if both team captains agree.

I have been asked for a paper results record – we won’t be doing the pre-printed cards that George used to produce but I will put a template form on the website for those of you that wish to use it.

Please put your results on the website by the Monday after the game, I will aim to lock them on the Tuesday, any changes after this will need to be sent to me.

Any issues or concerns please get in touch with me, by e-mail preferably, if not by text and my details are at the top of the screen.  Please remember that I work and so can’t always respond straight away.

I hope you have an enjoyable summer of bowling.

Best wishes


Sun Mar 6th

AGM Information

The following e-mail has been sent to all club/team contacts.  Attachments are available from the menu list


Please see the attached Agenda for the AGM scheduled for Wednesday 16th March 2022 7pm for 7.30pm.

Minutes from the 2020 AGM are also attached.

Both of these documents are on the Bowling Results website, no spare print outs will be brought to the meeting.

If there is anyone from your club who has passed away since the last AGM and you wish them to be remembered during the Chairman's welcome please reply to this e-mail or let me know at the beginning of the meeting both name of player and club.

Each club should send at least one representative, if however you are unable to for this year you can vote by proxy. Please reply to this e-mail, and complete the following details:

Otherwise we will see you at the meeting.





Club representing

Please note that the league works on one vote per club, therefore please do not respond to this if a member of a second team at your club is attending the meeting.

Please specify whether you are for or against:

3 - Acceptance of Minutes of 2019 AGM

Election of Officers

6a. Re-election of current officers en-bloc

6b. Re-election of current officers individually

Chairman - Graham Holyoak

Treasurer - Stuart Hickson

Secretary/Record Keeper - Helen Skidmore

Competitions - Dave Christopher

Safeguarding Officers - Julie Wigley and Helen Skidmore

Committee Members - Mark Mularkey, Ian Roles

7 Proposals

7a. Amendment of number of players for a league game

if a passed then the following will be put to the meeting

7b Amendment of number of players for Knockout Cups

7c Change of start time

if a is not passed then the following will be put to the meeting

7d to allow teams to, for 2022, play two players twice in a game


Wed Mar 2nd

I received the following from Rob Gibbon

John Baker from Hagley Bowls club sadly passed away recently. He will be a sadly missed member of the Hagley team. The funeral will take place at Stafford Crematorium at 1pm on Monday 14th March 2022.

Thu Feb 10th

Frank Lamb

With regret I have to report that Frank died earlier this month his funeral will be at 3:30 on the 17th of February at Fradley Crematorium

Frank played for many years for Lichfield Museum before moving to Lichfield rugby club. 



Lichfield Rugby club

Thu Jan 27th

AGM Date

I have sent the following e-mail to all club contacts this morning - if you haven't received it then please contact me on


The general feeling is that clubs are happy to have a physical AGM this year.  Therefore I have booked Heath Hayes Cons Club on Wednesday 16th March from 7 for a 7.30 meeting start.

If you have any items for the agenda can you send them to me by Wednesday 9th February.  I will then send out an agenda hopefully by the 20th February.  As with these e-mails the agenda will also go on the website.

If you are one of the clubs who don't want to attend a physical AGM then please simply respond to the agenda with any points you want raised and any votes and I will read these out at the AGM.

No decisions can be made about the format of the league until the AGM, therefore I will allow clubs a week after the AGM date to confirm what teams they are entering in the league this year, if they aren't able to do so at the meeting, which will take us to the 23rd March. I will then sort out the league fixtures on the website.  I will aim to have these done by 30th March.

If you haven't already replied to my first e-mail can you please just to confirm the information is getting to your club.

Best wishes


Mon Jan 24th

I have just sent out the following e-mail to the contacts I have listed.  If you haven't received it and should have then can you e-mail me your details including club to




Happy New Year everyone.  I'm sending this to you as the contact for your club's team in the Cannock league.  If I have this wrong please let me know and if you have the new contact details either please forward this e-mail to them or send me the details.

Can I ask you to confirm whether or not your club would be happy to send a representative to an physical AGM or not please?

We need to decide whether or not we will hold a physical meeting or whether it would be better to have one more year managing by using an e-mail questionnaire.

Please respond asap but by 31st January at the latest.




Sat Dec 5th 2020

I have been asked to pass on the news that Ron Neville of Hazelwood and Chase Terrace BC passed away last Monday.

On behalf of the committee and the league I would like to pass on our sympathy to his family and friends.


Sat Nov 16th 2019
It is sad to record the death of Ron Hames of  Hammerwich Bowls club.
The funeral will take place on Friday 29th November, 10.15 at Christ Church Burntwood followed by a cremation at Fradley then back to St Mathews Burntwood
Family flower only, but any donations to Cancer Research UK and Dementia UK can be forwarded to Joh Shorts Chasetown.
Our condolences are with the family at this sad time